Friday, 14 August 2009

Bye-Bye Bus Depot !

Yesterday the U of W announced it's plans for the bus depot and today the Free Press has a story about the new bus depot opening on Saturday near the airport.

Ahhh... bus memories. Mine go back to late 80's, dating a girl who was attending the U of S. My trusty, but gonad-less, '67 Ford Falcon could barely make it up the hill at Minnedosa on a dry summer day with a 140km/h lead in. I feared having to abandon it in the valley until spring if I tried that journey in the winter.

my car, not exactly as illustrated

It was Mr. Hound that took me 'Running Back to Saskatoon' a dozen or so times. In a strange way I liked the bus. Pack a bag with any books or work that I had to do and I KNEW I was going to get to it along the way. The television was the prairie flashing by. Being a night owl I didn't mind taking the late buses so overcrowding wasn't a huge issue, nonetheless, I honed a slight twitch avec mumbling routine that kept most people from taking the seat next to me.

Another nice fact about the bus was that you went from downtown to downtown. No expensive cab-fares, you were minutes from every transit line in the city, it was easy to find a greasy spoon to grab a cheap meal. That, of course, won't be the case for Winnipeg anymore.

Now, I look at those new-fangled Greyhounds with their air conditioning, televisions, luxury seating and think: me, my camera, my twitch, a knapsack loaded with that "to read" pile that's done nothing but grow for the past year....maybe.

Tomorrow I will take a look back at the old bus depot. if you like Manitoba inter-city buses there's a great history page covering the 20's to the 00's check out Regiec and Cavanagh's A History of Inter-City Buses - Manitoba, (it's also the source of the new bus photo above).


John Dobbin said...

My understanding of how it will work is that although the terminal is at the airport, they will have a free pick-up and drop-off in the downtown.

As you have noted, the buses are so much bigger than they used to be and they tow trailers with packages and mail. They just don't fit into the old depot very well anymore.

Ontario and Quebec have just announced plans for megabuses. They double decker buses are the wave of the future. However, they don't fit in many traditional size terminals.

I know some people have expressed upset at the U of W believing they forced the bus depot out. I can imagine that many years from now that will be the prevailing belief.

I am actually quite excited about a larger university bookstore in the downtown.

mrchristian said...

True, the bus depot has outgrown the old space with the advent of 'superbusses', cargo services etc. Sort of like with the old depot on Graham - it's time had passed.

Anonymous said...

I once screwed a chick I met on the bus from Saskatoon in the washroom. Great memories.

mrchristian said...
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mrchristian said...

Lol -


knock yourself out ;-)