Monday, 23 June 2008

A Tale of Three Buildings

This is a tale of three buildings on St. Paul Avenue in West End Winnipeg.

My errand route used to regulalry take me past these buildings and I really got to like them. They were triplets in an interesting orange-toned brick and were on a little street with a small set of row houses across from them. I thought what an interesting little mini neighbourhood !

One day I noticed that the buildings were emptying out. Renovations perhaps ? Kicking out bad tenants ? Sadly, no. This was the reason:

So, the buildings sat empty for over a year collecting graffiti, having their windows broken and getting that evil look that an abandoned building brings to a residential street.

Then something happened .... No, not a fire. Not a demolition. Not even a government housing sign. Instead, work began on the building siding onto Burnell SWtreet. They were being renovated into a series of small condos.

Given my interest in the buildings I was able to get inside for before, during and after shots of the renovations (they're still in progress):



Living Room


Dining Room

My reason for posting this is to show those who think that a building (or three) in really bad condition cannot be revived. All three buildings will go from being abandoned, insanitary buildings to starter homes.

There is another building, though I have yet to be in it, on William. It too, was an eyesore and appears to have had fairly extensive renos.

A building I am keeping my eye on is at Burnell and Sargent. This, too, has been abandoned for a while but it appears as if some renovation work is going on. I hope it does - it's a huge building and has some beautiful woodwork inside.

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