Thursday, 28 July 2016

Burnell / Alverstone Walk - Further Information

Thanks to all who came out to the walking tour of Burnell Street tonight.

Here are further notes:

Thorstein Oddson's West End
Burnell Street, Building by Building (overview)
258 Burnell - Canada Bread Bakery
280 Burnell Street - Thistle Curling Club (see page 5)
290 Burnell Street - Builders' Exchange building / Commissionaires
301 Burnell Street - Grey Goose Garage
390 Burnell Street - Greenway School (also see)
444 Burnell Street - Orioles Community Club
488 Burnell - Crescent Creamery / Hignell Printing
519 Burnell - Thelmo Mansions
   - James Tait, V.C.
   - Eva Ledbetter
St. Paul Avenue

Be sure to check out DMSMCA's future walks. Also those hosted by Dalnavert, the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation and the West End BIZ murals.

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