Thursday, 21 August 2014

Interesting uses for transit buses in other cities

While we have MIRV, other cities are doing even more interesting things with transit buses.

 Source: lava mae blog

Last fall, San Francisco non-profit group Lava Mae began "delivering dignity one shower at a time" with their converted transit bus. It is being used to combat the fact that there are only a handful of places in the entire city where the homeless can use such facilities. There is an Indiegogo campaign to put more units on the road.


In Ottawa, the MarketMobile bus has hit the streets. The pilot project is a partnership between government, private and non-profit groups to brings fresh fruit and vegetables, plus nutritional information, to neighbourhoods where grocery stores are scarce.
Source: Bridj blog

In Boston, a new take on "the bus" as private bus firms like Bridj have hit the streets offering private shuttles, ranging in size from coaches to smaller, luxury vans. This CityLab story looks at what they offer.

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