Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stuff about museums and historic sites

A few assorted thoughts about museums from the past week:

Museums in the news

Dominion Customs Warehouse
Grave markers, HMS Discovery expedition ca. 1875/6

Museum and other heritage-related funding has been in the news a fair bit lately with the feds cutting Riel House's $56,000 annual grant, work resuming on the $19m Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park and the decision to remove the Parks Canada artifacts collection from Winnipeg, (though, thankfully, it has been months since a story on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights funding issues !)

City's museum budget

Each year the city spends over $1 m on museum funding. Above is the list of 2012 museum grants (source.) The Museum Board was at Tuesday's EPC meeting for preliminary discussions regarding funding for 2013 - 2015.

Check out a museum

Winnipeg Rail MuseumCarberry, ManitobaIn Flanders Fields

There are hundreds of museums and heritage sites around the province and while a few get most of the media attention and bucks, many operate on a pittance or the donations of visitors.

When you're making your vacation plans, check be sure to check out some of the museums whether they be in town or small towns along your journey. The Association of Manitoba Museums has a great online guide to help you find them. The Manitoba Historical Society is building a map of historic sites around the province.

A city museum ?

The city of Edmonton is taking a look at creating a civic museum (also see and here is their preliminary study.)

I've blogged before about our city deserving a city museum, (like here and here.) One Man Committee, whose post is sadly now gone from the 'net, proposed that the city should look at one for its 150th anniversary in 2014.

Speak to people at the police museum, fire museum, archives, transit heritage etc. and they all say the same thing - they have no space to display a vast majority of what they have. Most of the city's history sits in warehouses and cardboard boxes never to be seen.

Considering that we're already digesting two large museum projects in the city, I am not holding my breath that I will ever see one. Still, it is something the city deserves.

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