Sunday, 8 January 2012

This Week at City Hall

Winnipeg CIty Hall
Here's the list of council committee meetings for January 9 - 13, 2012. The agendas were last updated on the 6th so more items and / or detailed reports will likely come closer to the date.

Here are some bits and bobs that I found interesting. Click the committee titles for a link to their full agendas.

January 9th, 2012

Derelict Buildings: A couple of derelict building issues are on the menu, both for notices that first went out to owners in July 2011.

One is the "Antique Exchange" (Bell) Building at 370 Donald Street. It's their second notice but in the new owner's letter of appeal there is some potentially good news. Beginning in February renovations are supposed to begin to convert the building into residential suites.

St. Charles Hotel Lonely House 5 - Albert Street
Next is the St. Charles Hotel. Most will remember the redevelopment of the space into a boutique hotel dating back to 2008. At that time the owner applied to tear down the Albert Block for a surface parking lot on the threat "... if it doesn't, we'll bring back mud wrestling to the St. Charles Hotel" (source).

In 2011, he applied again for a demolition permit but was refused. The plan then grew to include a multi-storey addition to the building.

The building deficiency has to do with the building not having a fire monitoring or suppression system.

Riel Community Committee
January 9th, 2012

Is mostly reviewing per-capita and community incentive grants.

One item that was to be discussed are proposed design considerations for Pointe Hebert in North St. Boniface. (I will leave it to OMC to explain more about the Pointe development.) the report is in the minutes but it as been put off until their February meeting.

Derelict House: Another derelict building will be discussed: a house at 562 Balmoral. In his 17 page letter of appeal, it appears that the owner is slowly doing renovations to the house. he also questions the legality of the notice under the charter and the city's "social engineering" practices when it comes to housing renovation.

Boats in Driveways: Do you store a boat on your property ? The committee will be back from administration on allowing for boats to be stored on your residential property off-season (currently only RVs and motor home trailers are allowed.)

North Perimeter Park: Now that a shared-use agreement for water and sewer has been signed between Winnipeg and West St. Paul, the issue of marketing this 44 acre parcel of city-owned riverfront land off of Main Street and north of the Perimeter, is back on the table.

Executive Policy Committee
January 11th, 2012

Is mostly housekeeping. Accepting some civic boards' annual reports and reviewing community incentive and community club grants made by standing committees.

January 12th, 2012

Before the 2014 civic election the city's Ward Boundaries Commission will review the number of electoral wards. The issue here, of course, is the great growth in the past decade in the south end of the city that has swollen the population per ward to much more than the average in other parts of the city.

The City Clerk will report back on a request stemming from the last meeting (June 2011) to the province to amend the City of Winnipeg Charter to allow for a single ward to be added (if necessary), rather than have to add them in multiples of two, as it now states.

Could we see a "Deep South Kildonan" ward in 1914 ?!


Anonymous said...

Good news about 370 Donald... IIRC, there were plans to make this building residential in 2004 or so. Hope it succeeds this time and doesn't go the way of the Canada Building across the street. Guess we'll have to hope CentreVenture keeps their hands off this one.

Not sure what to think of the St. Charles. That site is full of potential, yet Zaifman has acted like a petulant little kid ever since the city told him he can't build a surface parking lot on Albert.

Winnipeg Girl said...

562 Balmoral genuinely does appear to be going through some renovations; the boards are off all of the windows and it looks like a new window or two has actually gone in as well.

There aren't any window coverings on any of the windows and there is something very eerie about how the windows look. Besides the fact that I am used to seeing it in its boarded state, somehow they manage to make the whole house look like a movie set or something.

Hopefully renovations do continue as it was a black mark on the street for way too many years.