Saturday, 23 July 2011

Taking stock

I've found myself with a lot of unexpected time off this summer thanks to the Lay-off Fairy. Before I truly have to get myself in gear to find a new job, I thought that I would tackle some issues with my blogs.

First off, I have dozens of draft posts, snippets of mainly history-related items that I gave up on because I couldn't find a photo or an archived article telling me how things ended. I want to get those into the blogosphere with the hopes that someday I will find what I am looking for or that a reader will supply some of the answers !

I've also been going through past posts (nowhere near done !) to clean up broken links and correct some of my most appalling grammatical and spelling errors, (most of my posting is done between 10 am and the wee hours of the morning so my proofreading skills are in a lull).

This thankless chore brought me to another issue I want to tackle: searching and indexing my posts.

It's hard to believe, but I have created 1670 posts on my three blogs. Some are little snippets but a vast majority of them deal with something local-history related and required some level of research. While going through my work I have found posts that I didn't even know I wrote !

So, how to organize this truckload of bits and bytes ?

Well, Blogger doesn't offer any great solutions for indexing and while there are search engine widgets none that work on multiple blogs.

I know that in the comments section in a past post people suggested I go with Wordpress and keep all my info on one site. I may consider moving my stuff over to something like that. Any further suggestions to my conundrum would be much appreciated !

For now, in an effort to bring some sort of order, I have added the "Search This Blog" gadget at the top of each blog. I have also worked on an index for my blogs that I will try to upkeep as I make new posts.

To give you a taste of what I've been up to over the last few years I have cut-and-pasted below the two indexes I have created. They will eventually be posted on their own pages. (I am posting this in advance so if the list looks wonky I will fix it after the weekend).

And if there are any sugar-mommas out there who like amateur historians I am willing to be a kept man providing that I can have internet access and some spare time to visit the archives and local history room !!

General Index
* indicate that they are from my Winnipeg Downtown Places blog.

Empire Hotel
Firehall Number One - 65 Ellen Street
Gov’t Telephone Building (Brandon)
Kelly House - 88 Adelaide St
Mac's (Ellice) Theatre
Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall
Manitoba Children's Museum *
Millennium Centre (Bank of Commerce) *
Norlyn Building *
Polo Park Opens to Fanfare !
The Richardson Building *
Saratoga / Surtees Building - 380 Donald St. *
St. Boniface's Cathedrals
Walker Theatre *
Warwick Apartments *
Winnipeg Art Gallery *
Winnipeg's SRO Hotels
Woodbine Hotel


The King's Speech - The Winnipeg Version
A Century of Flight in Manitoba
'Barbara' Streisand plays Winnipeg
Bloody Saturday: A timeline
Diamond Heist !
Get Together 1970
Halloweens Past
Heritage Winnipeg Preservation Awards '09
Heritage Winnipeg Preservation Awards '10
Historic Red River Valley Flood
Manitoba and the Titanic
Manitoba's First "Talkie"
The Beatles land in Winnipeg !
Public Transit Strikes in Winnipeg

Public Spaces, Parks and Memorials

201 Portage Avenue Former CanWest Global Plaza
Famous Five Memorial Legislature Grounds
First World War Soldier Portage and Main
Former City Hall Clock Works Portage Place
Japanese Gardens Carlton Street
Kwakiutl Totem Pole Legislature Grounds
Lord Selkirk Monument Memorial Boulevard
Memorial Park
No. 1 Northern 303 Main Street
Odd Fellows Temple Facade The Promenade
Old Market Square
The Cube Old Market Square
Perrett Bus Shelter Ellice and Balmoral
Replica Streetcar 356
Soldier's Relatives' Memorial Legislature Grounds
Timothy Eaton Statue MTS Centre

Neighbourhoods and Streets
'Rooster Town'
Simcoe Street History Walk
West Broadway: A neighbourhood history (Part 1)
West Broadway neighbourhood history (Part 2)
The Wolseley Elm

West End History
618 Arlington
868 Arlington
Burnell's Bakeries
Lil's Beauty Shop
The Rose Cinema

People, Groups and Small Business

Barone, George (artist)
Brown, Fred: Brandon's 'Firefighter Down'
Brown, Ralph
CKJS at 35
CJOB now a senior citizen !
Dallas, Helen (1898 - 1993)
Debby the Polar Bear
Fairchuk, Len: Western Hour
Finkleman, Dr. Emanuel
Genser's Furniture
Hall, Joe (1919 Stanley Cup)
Halter, Syd (First CFL Commissioner)
Halter, Aubrey and Nola
Harvard, John: Old-School
Harvey, William (1881 - 1915)
Halters, Aubrey and of Winnipeg
Head, Bruce
Henderson, Michael: Death
Ingram, Charles: Wpg's First Police Chief
Keeper, Joe: MB's Greatest Runner ?
Latta, Blake and CN Express
Leishman, Kenneth (The Flying Bandit)
Letinsky, Edward
Manitoba Good Roads Association
Power, Rhoda: Brandon's first female alderman
Steele, Sir Sam
St. John, Jack: Pharmacy
Teddy the Chimp (Blue Bomber Mascot)
The Winnipeg Toilers
Wagon Wheel Rolling Again !
Winnie the Pooh
Winnipeg Foundation at 90
Youth for Christ Winnipeg

Corporate Series

The Bay Downtown
- The Bay Downtown
- The Bay Parkade
- The Bay Food Market
- Changes at The Bay Downtown
- Paddlewheel Restaurant

Safeway in Winnipeg
- Safeway in Winnipeg Part 1 - Setting Up Shop
- Safeway in Winnipeg Part 2 - The Boom Years
- Safeway in Winnipeg Part 3 - 1939 to 1949
- Safeway in Winnipeg Part 4 - Sweeping Styles


Bicycle Licence Plates
Early Cycling in Winnipeg
Winnipeg's Airports
Winnipeg's One Way System
Winnipeg's Bus Depots
St. Andrews Lock and Dam turn 100
Streetcar 356 Bell Audio
Streetcar 356 Restoration
The Lancaster Bomber - Manitoba Connections
A City's Transportation History
Public Transit Strikes
Louise Bridge’s Abandoned Boats

Disasters and their victims

The Haselmere Block Fire
The Medway Court Fire
'Spanish' Influenza in Manitoba
The Titanic (MB Victims)
St. Boniface College Fire
Elmwood’s Riverview Hotel Fire
The Winnipeg Toilers

Lockport, Manitoba Series
Part One: A Brief History of the St. Andrews Lock and Dam
Part Two: The Creation of Lockport

Part Three: Laurier's Words


A Tale of Two (Second Empire) Houses
Arlington Bridge Back in Business
Churchill's Northern Research
Do We Dare Squander ...
Eaton's Catalogue Houses
Grain Elevators
Manitoba's Oscar Winning Past
On Public Toilets
Portage Avenue Old-School
Red River Valley Floods
Remembering "Champs" Chicken and Elmer
Remembering our Jewish Pioneers
Resurrecting "The Cave"
Talkin' About Jesus in St. Boniface
The Bank of Manitoba
The Language of James
The Trizec Lesson
The Royal Alex Reborn in B.C.
The Winnipeg Tribune
Ukrainian Labour Temple a National Historic Site
Upper Fort Garry
When the Free Press and Trib "Merged"
Winnipeg's Brief Stint of Beatlemania
Winnipeg's Land Boom of 1912
Winnipeg's Multilingual Press

The 'State of Heritage' in Manitoba

More on Heritage
Heritage Reflections (Part 1): The state of Manitoba heritage
Heritage Reflections (Pt. 2): Heritage Winnipeg Awards 2011
Heritage Reflections (Pt. 3): It doesn't have to end this way

Winnipeg Downtown Places Index
'O' indicates an ongoing project. 'P' indicates a proposed project. 'H' are housing-related.

Downtown - General
Downtown Walkway Expansion

Alexander Avenue
184 Alexander Avenue Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural Centre

Assiniboine Avenue

351 Assiniboine Avenue Kerr House

O 363 Broadway
287 Broadway Former Sovereign Life Building

Central Park Area
366 Qu'Appelle The Warwick Apartments

LinkCentral Park Renovation

Donald Street
55 Donald Street
251 Donald Street Millennium Library
Andrew Carnegie Portrait Millennium Library
Millennium Library Park

O 281 Donald Street Metropolitan Theatre

310 Donald Street The Donalda Building
317 Donald Street Credit Union Central

320 Donald Street The Surtees / Saratoga Lanes Building

335 Donald Street Former Masonic Temple

Ellen Street

65 Ellen Street No. 1 Fire Hall

Ellice Avenue
435 Ellice Avenue Institute for Biodoagnostics
445 Ellice Avenue Centre for the Commercialization of Biomedical Technology

The Forks

Manitoba Children's Museum
O Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Graham Avenue

O 266 Graham Avenue Public Safety Building II

419 Graham Avenue The Halter Building

Hargrave Street

309 Hargrave Street The Norlyn Building
The Wagon Wheel Restaurant 309 Hargrave Street
P 370 Hargrave Street - African Canadian Cultural Centre

Kennedy Street

330 Kennedy Street HI Hostel
Justice Kennedy and York

King Street
P 238 King Street - Former Shanghai Restaurant

Langside Street
370 Langside Street McFeetors Hall (U of W) H

Lombard Avenue
1 Lombard Place The Richardson Building
191 Lombard Avenue Union Trust Tower

Main Street
77 Main Street Gibraltar House
O 100 Main Street Upper Fort Garry Heritage Park

123 Main Street Winnipeg Rail Museum
389 Main Street The Millennium Centre
Main and Alexander United Way Headquarters
O 555 Main Street MB Centennial Concert Hall
Little Black Devil 555 Main Street

O Higgins and Main Youth Centre for Excellence
466 Main Street The Woodbine Hotel
662 Main Street The Bell Hotel H

Memorial Boulevard

301 Memorial Boulevard The Bay Parkade
300 Memorial Boulevard Winnipeg Art Gallery

Pacific Avenue

145 Pacific Avenue Sport Manitoba Building

Portage Avenue
O 333 Portage Avenue Former Bank of Commerce
P 388 Portage Avenue The Boyd Building

234 Portage Avenue The White House
238-240 Portage Avenue

O 265 Portage Avenue The Avenue Building
275 Portage Avenue The Kensington Building
288 Portage Avenue Radisson Hotel
303 Portage Avenue Mountain Equipment Co-op

360 Portage Avenue Manitoba Hydro Place
450 Portage Avenue The Bay

The Paddlewheel Restaurant 450 Portage Avenue
460 Portage Avenue The Buhler Centre (U of W)

O 487 Portage Avenue Former Bus Terminal / U of W AnX

Princess Street
33 Princess Street The Peck Building
O 100 Princess The Penthouse H
232 Princess Street The Edge on Princess
P 271 Princess Street - Peace Tower Housing Complex H

Smith Street

O 161 Smith Street Residences on York H
265 Smith Street Holy Trinity Church
331 Smith Street The Marlborough Hotel

363 Smith Street The Walker Theatre

St. Mary Avenue

P St. Mary at Edmonton Lakeview Hotel

425 St. Mary Avenue The Winnipeg Clinic

Vaughan Street
225 Vaughan Street
310 Vaughan Street Isbister School
340 Vaughan Street The Raleigh

Waterfront Drive and area
O 1 Heaton Avenue YouCube Condominiums H

Webb Place
443 Webb Place Webbsite Condominiums H

William Avenue
O 380 William Avenue Former Carnegie Library

York Avenue
P 375 York Avenue Convention Centre Expansion

Parks, Art and Memorials
201 Portage Avenue Former CanWest Global Plaza
Famous Five Memorial Legislature Grounds
First World War Soldier Portage and Main
Former City Hall Clock Works Portage Place
Japanese Gardens Carlton Street
Kwakiutl Totem Pole Legislature Grounds
Lord Selkirk Monument Memorial Boulevard
Memorial Park
No. 1 Northern 303 Main Street
Odd Fellows Temple Facade The Promenade
Old Market Square
The Cube Old Market Square
Perrett Bus Shelter Ellice and Balmoral
Replica Streetcar 356
Soldier's Relatives' Memorial Legislature Grounds
Timothy Eaton Statue MTS Centre


Eric Friesen said...

Good luck finding a sugar momma but there's got to be something related to local history you'd be perfect for. The three blogs make up quite the resume.

Have a good summer.

Emma said...

I'm sorry to hear about you being laid off.... but it sounds like you're making lemonade :)

I work a lot with Wordpress in my day job, and just wanted to say, if you ever do decide to make the switch, I'd be happy to help with migrating all the posts. It's one of those tedious, mundane jobs that strangely enough, I really enjoy!

raespace said...

To categorize the blog entries you could use "labels". That would allow you to attach one, or several categories to each post, ie Building, Downtown, Heritage.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks all !

@ Emma - thanks, I will look into WP again. Once upon a time I had my name.ca reserved I could perhaps do that on WP and can 'build' the back index over time.

@ Rae - labels are okay, I sued them in the beginning but then found that I reached the point where I had a couple of hundred posts under the same tag which puts me back to square one, in a way.