Monday, 20 June 2011

Transit's new buses on the roll !

Winnipeg Transit No. 145
Winnipeg Transit No. 145
Over the past couple of weeks Transit has been rolling out the newest members of their fleet. They're 2011 New Flyer D40-LFs, (the 40 is for 40 feet long, LF for low floor). The D40 has been the mainstay of Flyer's production since its introduction in 1987.

At a cost of
about $400k each there will be 29 in total (bus numbers 140 to 169).

There are a few new amenities of note ....

Winnipeg Transit No. 142
Air conditioning !

Winnipeg Transit No. 142
They seat 39 and padded seats are back !

Winnipeg Transit No. 142
And the all important cup holder !

MTHA New Aquisition
They are all in the solid white. If you have any nostalgia or affection for the old orange and cream colour scheme that dates back to the 1930s, these newest buses push the last of them out of service save one or two late rebuilds.

Manitoba Transit Heritage Association
For more on Winnipeg Transit's fleet dating back to day one. To see some more of Winnipeg's old fleet check out the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association's fleet page.

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ekimsharpe said...

i've had the pleasure of sitting in a new air-conditioned bus recently on a particularly hot and sticky afternoon. i'm not usually one for needless luxuries (really, how many hot and sticky afternoons do we get here?), but it was an awesome bus-ride.