Friday, 6 May 2011

Remembrance: Blogging to death; Jane's Walk; Fallen soldier.

February 24, 2011
Blogging to Death

The Irish Independent has a story about Derek K. Miller of Vancouver. He was a writer, musician, tech-geek and blogger. After being diagnosed with colorectral cancer in 2007 he blogged about his battle including a final post written weeks ago to be posted upon his death.

Miller died last week at the age of 41.
The Independent writes about the man and publishes his final post.

Also, here is Nora Young's full CBC Radio interview with Miller from April 2011.

Jane's Walk

This weekend is
Jane's Walk. Grab your umbrella and take time out to enjoy some of our great city on one of almost 20 walks.

The event, of course, is named in honour of urbanist Jane Jacobs. Check out Hume's piece in the Toronto Star
Death and Life still lives, even in Ford Nation.

A Chapter Closes

On Thursday Chief Petty Officer Claude Choules died in Australia at the age of 110. Schoules was the last man alive to have seen combat in World War I.

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