Monday, 30 May 2011

Media frenzy then and now

There was a good article by Bart in the Free Press on Sunday about the machinations of local media and others 'in the know' when it comes to the potential return of the NHL.

When the Jets were leaving the most humorous media outlet was CJOB. I can remember Vic Grant chewing-out and hanging up on people who dared call into a CJOB 'news' show without sharing his view that losing the Jets was the worst thing to ever happen ! (For more on Winnipeg's media while the Jets were going down check out this 1996 piece in the Ryerson Review of Journalism)

With a potential return of the NHL the media scene is just as interesting to watch. There's the daily grind (for readers) of
reporters, and others via Twitter and Facebook, trying to outdo each other to prove who is the real 'insider' in this town. You know, the The One that Gary Bettman or the Chipmans would deem worthy of a whispered late night phone update or knowing glance in an airport terminal.

I'd imagine that the media outlet with the most riding on a new NHL franchise this time around is the Winnipeg Sun. Exclusive content and splashy pictures of 'Jets' on their front cover, (intermixed with their usual bodies-on-stretchers and big-titted-women-in-the-news, of course), may actually allow them to go back to selling their newspapers instead of giving them away in an attempt to compete with their mini-me Metro.

The Sun also gets the most ironic editorial award during this whole "NHL is coming back" period with "We need to sell Winnipeg to the World."

The newspaper that for years has bathed in the glow of sensationally reporting Winnipeg's crime managed to come up with "That perception of our city as being a cold, desolate, crime-ridden wasteland costs Winnipeg and Manitoba millions in tourism dollars every year. It also wounds our city's collective civic pride". Uh huh.

I better get off to bed because I see they're calling for another NHL press conference for later today. It could be a long day !

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