Tuesday, 12 April 2011

West End Buns

Keeping to my 'bun' theme this week ...

Last weekend Lilly and I went on our inaugural "It's Springtime: Let's poop somewhere more than ten meters from the condo" walk. It was going to be a long walk (at least for her, who is still getting used to walking on leashes) so we decided to stop in for some energy food along the way: cinnamon buns !

Jonnie's Sticky Buns
opened earlier this year at 941 Portage Avenue (at Banning) and I had yet to try it out ! It's a wee spot. A counter, a till and a couple of deuces by the front window if you want to eat in. The selection was impressive. We were there later in the afternoon but there were nearly ten types to choose from.

I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to cinnamon buns so for this first visit we stuck with two classics. One, aptly named "the Classic", the other "The Leroy".

The Leroy is the type of bun that I am partial to. More of a sweet bread bun that lets the goo do the talking.

Large, moist, yet firm enough to cut with a steak knife - the way it should be. I really enjoyed this one. It's also a bargain at $1.50.

The Classic is likely what God had in mind when he created the cinnamon bun. Gooey, sticky, moist (we got the one with raisins). Every bite is a cinnamon treat as the key ingredient is baked right into it.

The classic is one that you could sit and have a couple of cups of coffee, read the paper (assuming you're the last one who will be reading it due to the sticky finger thing) and just savour. Extra serviettes are a must. They come in raisin or no raisin and cost $2.50 but it's a desert in itself.

The cinnamon is real - they grind their own cinnamon right there !
The goo is sweet but not overbearing, more buttery than molasses. No crappy, cheap air bubble bread that deflates in shame when you come at it with a knife. All make for a great, tasty bun experience.

Next time you're off to a meeting or event don't be the lame-ass that shows up with a box of Timbits. a selection of these cut into pieces will make you a fan favourite.

Check their website for their more exotic choices, including vegan and gluten free !

Oh, and Lilly, who only had a pinch of each, gave them four thumbs up ! We'll be walking to Johnnies for a poop and a bun again soon !

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Love cinnamon buns, but none of my dogs are well behaved enough to walk to a store!

raespace said...

I want cinnamon buns. I am practically out the door already.

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon buns from Jonnie's and cupcakes/cakettes from Cakeology in the Exchange... what an awesome city for sweets!