Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thursday: Chaplin, Modern Times and the WSO

Winnipeg Free Press March 26, 1936

Tomorrow night (April 14, 2011) Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times is back after a 75 year hiatus. This time accompanied by a 66 piece orchestra at the Concert Hall.

For more on the event and Chaplin in Winnipeg. For more on Modern Times.

This is an excerpt from a post I did last year when City Lights played at the New Music Festival.

Downtown Winnipeg
If you want to make it a full-Chaplin night, you should grab a beer and some nosh at the Windsor Hotel, (or at least walk by and wave to Chaplin on the balcony !). It was here that Chaplin wrote his family to break the news that he was leaving the stage as he had been offered a movie contract in Hollywood !

Charlie Chaplan
The letter appeared in a Chaplin biography and a framed copy on hotel letterhead, then called the LeClaire Hotel, can be found in the lounge.

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