Friday, 22 April 2011

Federal advance polls now open !

Election sign house !
If you would like to participate in the often excruciating event known as the first day of advance polls, it started at noon today.

At my advance poll they said that the huge number of people that turned out caused a nightmare for them. Though, given the state of abject confusion that the small army of Elections Canada folk were in three hours after the pools opened, I have a feeling that a lot of that 'nightmare' was self inflicted.

Still, in the end I cast my ballot and am reasonably confident that they'll figure out how to get the ballots back to where they need to go.

Polls are open today, Saturday and Monday until 8 pm.

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The View from Seven said...

At Grant Park High School, where I voted today, the problem wasn't so much the crowds as the availability of only one poll. With it taking about 2-3 minutes to take each voter through all the necessary steps, it took about an hour to get to the front of a not particularly long line.

One of the Elections Canada workers also said that people occasionally showing up without proper ID were also causing slowdowns.