Friday, 25 March 2011

$#*! your MP says

Well, we're off to the polls again.

Might as well have a bit of fun with it and check out what your MP has been up to for the past couple of years. Who knows, you may find a kindred spirit !

There are a number of websites that you can use and these aren't your Daddy's text-only, micro print, basic search engine, 'cross-reference it yourself' models. They are quite easy and enjoyable (relatively speaking) to use.

The three sites that I have used at some point in the recent past are all variations of the same thing. They provide voting records, lists of bills, speeches and statements in the House etc. with built in links to drill deeper (right back to Hansard, if you want). Each has their own little nuances, though.

To search for an MP
here's the EC search tool.

How'd they vote includes a handy MP ranking table for each session based on how many times they've been up in the House, how much they've said, Bills they've introduced and how many votes they missed.

It's a bit more text heavy and easier, I found, to get stats and vote counts.

Open Parl has a great search engine and a nice feature of colour coding items and including photo icons of each MP next to their name.

It probably doesn't sound like much but if you're reading through a long-winded debate with multiple speakers they are nice to have.

On an MP's main page they also include media mentions and twitter posts.

Citizen Factory (by Apathy is Boring) is aimed at youth. It includes not only MPs but Senators as well. They also split things in Committees which is great because that's where a lot of the real work gets done and where some MPs who don't get a lot of floor time can really shine.

A great feature they have is a sidebar glossary of parliamentary terms so, while reading a debate, you can check out what the procedural term mentioned actually means.

They also have good tutorials on
what MPs do or how the House of Commons works so you can get the most out of what you are reading.

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