Tuesday, 15 March 2011

WIPs bag Kelcey for Budget Extraveganza episode; A flood of new photo blogs !

Home Street
Wednesday's Winnipeg Internet Pundits should be a good 'un. Brian from State of the City is back for a budget extravaganza special edition !

Frontage levies, water and waste sales, where the city can really cut back on spending are all on tap, (no pun intended).

Check out his blog for some of the great work that he has already done on the topic.

This won't be part of tomorrow 's show but I want to give a mention to the increasing number of great local photo blogs out there. In the Beginning there was, of course, Winnipeg Love Hate which is still going strong.

Late last year Reserved at All Times by BSun photojournalist Colin Corneau began as did 365 Epic Winnipeg Skies, which is now past the half way point.

In recent weeks A Photo a Day joined the scene and just this month Winnipeg Brick by Brick and Exposure have debuted !

I'm sure L.B. Foote would be pleased !

Assiniboine Park Zoo
And on that note. Here's a pic of two lemurs fighting at the zoo.


Scott MacNeil said...

Looking forward to taking in WIP broadcast today... trust you will make sure to address the odd, weird, ill-times, and ham-fisted proposal to increase downtown parking rates. It needs to receive some airtime. In my opinion the Katz & City of Winnipeg have dropped the ball yet again and given many of us yet another reason not to bother bringing our business downtown.

Christian Cassidy said...

I was off sick so I will have to catch the podcast !