Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Winnipeg. City of Opportunity. With a big rip in it.

winnipeg city of opportunity sign at the WAA
A friend and fellow heritage buff buflyer sent this to me. He snapped it on his phone returning from the U.S. last week.

The phrase, one of Mayor Sam's jingoisms from the 2005 State of the City address, became the title of the city's 2006 - 2015 economic opportunity framework, developed in partnership Destination Winnipeg, the Business Council of Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. (You can read the Winnipeg City of Opportunity manifesto here).

Surely for such an important program and important WAA community partners (who are involved in their board), things are being worked on to get this ripped sign replaced ?!

If they're holding off for the new airport to open, (originally October 2010, then early 2011, now mid 2011,) that could mean a lot of traffic passing it. After all "...advertising at the airport provides unparalleled exposure for your company and products in the Winnipeg market. Six out of ten Winnipeg residents take at least one flight per year" (source). This is in the international area and according to the WAA there were 482,818 trans border and 122,513 other international passing through this very area. (2008 stats - source).

And, yes, I have emailed the issue to the WAA.

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