Monday, 7 March 2011

Congrats to Candace !

So, what have YOU done for this place in the past year ? If you're Winnipeg teen Candace Sutherland you've run across the country to raise awareness for child hunger.

The run began March 20, 2010 but has had sparse coverage except in Aboriginal media - which is a whole other blog post - and ended in success last week in Victoria, British Columbia !

On her website she writes about why she ran. On her way to the rec centre to train she would see people lined up at the soup kitchen to get a meal. It reminded her of her troubled childhood, which included a lot of hunger, and guess what ? Instead of looking, she wanted to go do something about it !

This isn't something new for her. Since teh age of 12 she has hosted a Candace Sutherland 10k Run as well as a full marathon to raise funds and food for food banks and kitchens across the province. In 2009 she ran from Winnipeg to Thompson.

At times running two marathons a day, Candace was also raising funds for four charities close to her: The Salvation Army (Vision4Hope); The Heart and Stoke Foundation of Canada; the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Cancer Society (Manitoba). (There was also an administration fund to cover the costs of the run).

Candace should be a role model for all Manitoba youth. It's too bad her story wasn't worth a mention in the local media. Of course, in the past week you can find many stories on youth-related (especially aboriginal youth-related) crime. That's a shame but I guess that's what sells newspapers and TV ads so it's what we get fed.

There is still time to donate to one of Candace's charities by clicking on the links above !

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