Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bellamy on the Exchange

Exchange District
A great piece by Brent Bellamy in the FreeP on Sunday (and thanks to OMC for pointing it out). He extols the Exchange and, in particular, the corner of McDermot Avenue and Albert Street.

Back in the day there was a place called Chopin's on the north west corner which had a patio out front. Though I was a starving student, I would there form time to time to at least have a coffee and appetizer o I could sit and look around. When the trees are in bloom you can look 360 and see nothing but early 1900's architecture. It was a neat sight !

The Exchange is an area of town that I often think of when I travel. Back in 2008 when I visited the famous live music and art district of Austin, Texas, (6th St. & the Warehouse District), I was struck at how similar to Selkirk Avenue than something like The Exchange that, at the time anyway, was still getting on its feet. (See my post here).

Canwest and Exchange
It is great to see the continued revival of the area and that it is taking on a life beyond being simply a 'collection of old buildings'. Cities form Dublin to Chicago to Toronto have embraced areas like this (and some that pale in comparison to this) and have made them their urban villages.

Thanks to Bellamy for, again, pointing that out what ours has going for it.

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