Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Whoooze de happy beaver ?!

Yesssh .. you de happy beaver, yesh you are !

Happiest Beaver in the World
Spotted (stuffed and behind glass, of course) in the foyer of the Millennium Library. Could she one day be competition for Winnipeg Cat ? Hmmm...

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom ... it's the last day to vote for my River Heights friend Boogie the Pug in the Lottery Corp's Lucky Dog Contest. If you get a chance, please vote for her! At the very least check out the great mutts from across Western Canada - they're guaranteed to bring a smile to your face on hump day !

And just because I like Boogie's reluctant elf photo I'm going to post that again just for fun:

And because I'm apparently not allowed to post a photo of someone else's dog (or beaver) without posting one of my own:


Sorry, I have no beaver shots of myself ;)

Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly !

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