Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Shameless self plugs: radio and bookstores !

WIP It Good !

Another edition of Winnipeg Internet Pundits (or if you prefer the Facebook page) is coming your way today (Weds) at 5 pm on UMFM.

Apparently we have a new intro, a new guest and Graham needs to get something out of his system and it won't be pretty.

Last week WIPs had the honour of christening the new UMFM radio studio ! Above is a shot of the new digs and James, to the left, 'adjusting' his mic just before airtime which is why, apparently, you could not hear him for the entire show.

The new seating arrangement should make for much better interaction as we each have our own mic and can actually look each other in the eye while speaking !

Congrats UMFM !

A Manitoba History e-Store !

I have a decent collection of Winnipeg history books and at any one time have a couple out on loan to friends - not all make it back ! That was the case with Winnipeg Modern. I said if I ever saw it on sale I would pick it up - again.

Just after Christmas I noticed, and posted, about on-line sales on titles that don't often get discounted such as the numerous Gourluck volumes and, yup, Winnipeg Modern.

A month later and you can still find books at nearly 40% off so I thought I would start an e-store that you can see to your left. Because titles and stock vary by store I will also add McNally and Chapters and hopefully create a decent catalogue of what's available on-line in Manitoba history (or as a reference for people to use when going to the library).

I get a minute per-centage of any of the Amazon stuff sold so if you are thinking of ordering, please do it via my link. My plan is to have enough to buy myself a snack and a beer at the Palm Room by next Christmas !

Through the store I also link to my "Manitoba History Gift Ideas" post which was updated just before Christmas. Some great items and organizations there that deserve your support.

At some point I will explore and see if there is away to pull all the items together in one place.


cherenkov said...

Dang .. I keep forgetting to dial in to the pundit show. I'll have to find the pod cast.

Good idea with the book e-store.

mrchristian said...

Thanks !

Tessa outs the podcast link right on the tumblr page so no need to search arond teh UMFM pod zone http://winnipeginternetpundits.tumblr.com/

Winnipeg Girl said...

That Winnipeg Modern book totally reminded me of a party I went to and became totally anti-social while very enjoyably being completely engrossed with some of my favourite Winnipeg buildings!

The View from Seven said...

Just finished listening to the podcast for the first time -- good job, Pundits!

mrchristian said...

@WG - ha, I've done that as well. We get so caught up in the century old buildings that we're going to lose, or have badly renovated, a whole era of buildings that are actually quite cool !

@ 7 - thanks. WE're sort of getting the hang of it now. The shows are getting better.

Fat Arse said...

I am happy to announce I've now settled on a new Thursday morn' routine:
a.)make coffee
b.)head out to backyard office
c.)light cigarette & take a piss in the snow
d.)download UMFM`s latest Wpg Internet Pundits show!

Thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode. Well done guys! Though I was dismayed there was not more colourful language in Graham`s justifiable rant - but, I guess that is the price to be paid when one is governed by the CRTC and when the principals involved are reasoned gentlemen... ;)

mrchristian said...

Thanks FA ! Make sure you don't combine c and d !