Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Mar 5: Afgahan Film Festival and Market 2011

It's back !

The SECOND Annual Afghan Film Festival and Market takes place Saturday March 5, 2011 at
the U of W.

Last year it featured two great evening films: Afghan Star and Beauty School of Kabul. They provided a glimpse into what we never see in the news - everyday society with everyday concerns (the big and the trivial) in Afghanistan.

This year, the matinée is
Kandahar and the evening features are Osama and Beyond Belief. Cost is $12 for the day and 100% of the proceeds go to the Omid Orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Festival is put on by the
Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (Manitoba Chapter).

Some recent, related media:

Conflict keeps many out of school
Aljazeera Mar 1, 2011
UN report says armed conflict is robbing 28 million children of education as they shun school for fear sexual violence.

Afghan girls’ education at risk
The Guardian Feb 24, 2011

Report by 16 NGOs says Afghanistan's progress in education threatened by poverty, insecurity and a lack of investment.

Bill Would Aid Afghan Women Caught in U.S.-led War
IPS Feb 22, 2011
As conflict continues to rage in Afghanistan, the U.S. Congress is gearing up to debate a bill that could support the country's long-oppressed women in their struggle to achieve gender equality, even in the years after the U.S. military occupation ends.

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