Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lions of Winnipeg calendar - and contest !

I am doing a bit of a clean-up of my hard drive. It gets clogged up mainly with old photos and newspaper clips that have been or may one day be used for posts.

This weekend I came across my 2011 Lions of Winnipeg calendar. Every year instead of Christmas cards I try to do something a bit different for friends and family. This year it was this two-page calendar.

Before I send it off to the bin I thought I would upload it for anyone who wants it.

I used a Canadian calendar template and checked the data but don't book your vacation based on it - use a real calendar !
It's available for download in pdf form here. Let me know if there are any download issues.

Just for fun, can you tell where in the city the lions are located ?

If you'd like, email me (see below) with your answers. At the end of the week I will pick the one with the most correct answers. The winner wins a retro-ish (i.e. non Xena-boob) Winnipeg lapel pin in a presentation box OR I could be persuaded to part with one of the very limited edition 'it doesn't have to end like this' fridge magnets.

I won't allow comments for now so that people won't spoil some of the locations. I will allow comments on Friday for those that want to muse aloud.

Happy lion hunting !

Email: WestEndDumplings -at- gmail.com. Use the subject Lions