Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A couple of architecture notes

Stay tuned for the final installments of Elmwood's Inferno. I came across some new pics of the fire scene at the MB Archives and want to upload them into it and add some labels ...

In the meantime, let's talk architecture.

Ireland's Archiseek has profiled the skating shacks along the 2011 River Trail ! I'm embarrassed to say that I have not made it down to the river yet to check them out in person.

Dublin Airport, New Terminal
While at Archiseek check out their great shots of Dublin's new Terminal 2, ready just in time to see off that huge surge of young emigrants fleeing the country to find work. I was in Dublin last year and saw the final touches being put on the place but couldn't get much closer than the above photo.

I can't wait to see it again as a passenger !

Rex Theatre, Winnipeg  (1912 - 2008)
From the sublime to the decrepit. A sad piece in the Huffington Post called Detroit, the Ruins of an Empire.

A pair of photographers take haunting images of a shuttered-up historic Detroit. The shot of the Adams Theater reminds me of my time in the
Rex Theatre on Main Street (image above) days before it was torn down to make way for the WRHA building's parkade.


The View from Seven said...

Perhaps even more stunning that the still photos are the Detroit "tours" that have been posted on YouTube. One in particular that's been viewed nearly 1 million times, called "A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto", features an eerie 10-minute drive around the city's virtually destroyed inner city. One of the oddest things about the video is the number of abandoned boats scattered around these former inner city neighbourhoods.

Christian Cassidy said...

Thanks. I will check those out. Ghost towns in the middle of a city.

Boats !?

One Man Committee said...

I am a bit torn when it comes to Detroit. I have looked at more than my fair share of photography from the hardest hit areas and read more than my fair share of eulogies for that city - they can often be quite compelling.

But at the same time I have to sympathize with the residents trying to rebuild and revitalize their city in the face of all this negative press.

Normally I would roll my eyes at something like this Super Bowl commercial, but it's hard to watch it and not want to root for Detroit, a city that has been unfairly left for dead: