Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bloggers invade the airwaves Wednesday on UMFM !

An now for something a little different ....

Tessa Vanderhart is taking her weekly UMFM spot that was once One Great City (Wednesdays from 5 pm - 6 pm) and morphing into something called Winnipeg Internet Pundits.

She has invited a number of us, including myself, Walter from One Man Committee, James from Slurpees and Murder, Graham from Progressive Winnipeg and Rob from Rise and Sprawl to climb aboard. A few of use got together to do a bit of an off-air run last week and it looks like it will be fun, if Tessa can keep us on in line and on schedule :) (Oh, it's all spoken word so don't worry, I won't be spinning any of my beloved Meatloaf tracks !)

Eventually, the show will have a website and a podcast section via the UMFM page but since we haven't had a first show yet, probably best to make sure that the thing doesn't stink before putting even more back end work into it !

So, tune in or pod but be gentle with us the first time out !

Winnipeg Internet Pundits
Wednesdays from 5 pm - 6 pm
UMFM 101.5 FM or online


Reed Solomon said...

I would do anything for this radio program
but I won't do that.

Bryan Scott said...

The show sounds great. Looking forward to it.