Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Why Santa doesn't use pugs as elves

"Boogie the River Heights Pug Says Bah Humbug !"
Lilly is not yet impressed with my camera habit !

Both Boogie and Lilly are dogs adopted from the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba. Boogie is a friend's dog, Lilly is mine !

Lilly spent five years as a 'baby factory' at a puppy mill in South Dakota before being rescued. She's newly adopted and still has a few issues so I haven't taken to dressing her up - yet. Perhaps she can join Boogie next year !

This Christmas remember Manitoba's pet rescue associations and animal shelters.


ladybird said...

There is a boston rescue in Manitoba? Really? You must tell me more. Do you have lots of bostons in rescue there? We have tons down here in Georgia.

my rescue group:

mrchristian said...

Yes, there is

It's Bostons and Pugs. Right now the adoptees are all Bostons.

Apparently the Dakotas are notorious for puppy mills and that's where a lot come from. My Boston is from S. Dakota. My sister has a chihuahua from N Dakota.

I only got to know about them because the friend who owns that pug in the photo (who is from Alberta) was fostering the Boston I ended up taking. I really didn't know anything about the breed, I just liked that particular dog.

That's great that you have a rescue ! I love dogs but am not sure I could get too involved in something like that. The heartbreak would outweigh the winning stories, I think !

Nice Wanderings blog by the way ! I read it with interest !

Come back soon !