Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mugabe's place still awaits

A couple of years back (have I really been blogging that long ?) I posted "Mugabe's Toll" and noted that there is a special place in hell waiting for this man.

Corruption, ill-conceived land seizures that decimated the food supply, 1000-plus % hyperinflation, sitting back while tens of thousands were sickened with disease in late '08 / early '09.
It's been quite a reign.

I don't keep up on the man's on a regular basis but the odd time a new article pops up that just makes me shake my head.

Remember those farm seizures in aid of their 'war veterans' and to allow the average rural black person to own land and make a living ?

Ah, well, according to
yesterday's The Guardian Mugabe stockpiled that land and has been giving it to himself and his highest-level political allies. Almost HALF of the land, in fact never went back into the redistribution system.

In 2011 there are new elections, not that the results would make a difference to Mugabe. Just in case, though, the head of his police commission has already declared that anything other than a Mugabe win in 2011 is 'unacceptable'.

A special place, indeed, Mr. Mugabe.

Zimbabwe Profile - BBC News
Robert Mugabe Official Home Page (supposedly)
Cartoon source - Morland, The Times (UK)

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cherenkov said...

Back when the some people in the U.S. were trying to justify the war in Iraq (after it was determined that there were no WMDs) by pointing out the murders committed by Hussein, I would think about Mugabe and shake my head. If there was one country that desperately needed a regime change, this is it.