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Rapid Transit: the more things change ... UPDATED

As I go though old newspapers for my research I often come across articles that make me say 'man, as a city it takes us a long time to get anywhere'.

Here's an example in which I have blocked the names to see if you can figure out what year it is from.
Answer posted here later in the day OR,if you're the impatient type, I've inserted it on one of my other blog properties.....

Bus options weighed for transit corridors

Winnipeg Free Press, xxxxxxx

While there is agreement Winnipeg could use rapid transit corridors, there is no agreement yet on the kinds of vehicles that would operate along them.

XXXX said the Southwest Corridor will likely be a diesel busway in the beginning, although he said he'd prefer Winnipeg converting to more and more electrically-powered buses.

YYYYY said he prefers a diesel busway for the South Winnipeg corridor because of the low cost to build an exclusive busway, estimated at about $75 million. YYYY added Winnipeg Transit could continue to use its current fleet in the new corridor, construction of which could be started in about two years if city council moves fast on a proposal that would see the private sector pick up much of the capital cost of the system.....

Transit networks in major cities have a combination of buses, light rail, subways and trolleys.
Winnipeg, which dismantled its trolleys in the early 1970s, only has diesel buses. It's the only city, with a 650,000 plus population, without a rapid transit corridor, XXXX and YYYY admitted.....

A note that the 'private sector proposal' included the long-term leasing and selling of land along the corridor for construction of commercial and residential complexes. The city would use the monies raised to offset their $25m share of the construction.


The Free Press article is from October 30, 1993. 'XXXX' is Terry Duguid, then-chair of the works and operations committee. 'YYYY' is Rod McCrae, then-commissioner of public works.

How long ago was October 30, 1993 ?

- That evening you could have caught an episode of the rookie series Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

- The sports page lamented the Jets' 4-3 loss to the L.A. Kings the night before. Highlights: thanks to a great face-off win by Jari Kurri, Rob Blake slapped one by Bob Essensa in OT. Winnipeg's Kris King got a major penalty for elbowing.

- The Nightmare Before Christmas and Cool Runnings were showing at the cinema.

- The NDP was fighting for official party status in Parliament as they were reduced to just 9 seats in the previous weeks federal election.

As of 2010 Winnipeg is still examining which mode of transport to use on a rapid transit corridor which has yet to be completed.

My next update will be in November 2016.

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