Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Farewell, Endless Spin !

An interesting week in the blogosphere.

First, as OMC pointed out, we seem to have lost Waverley West and beyond and Project Scottsdale. Now Endless Spin has hung up his spurs.

It was meeting Curtis back when he was doing his initial Endless Spin Cycle that I thought maybe a blog would be a good outlet for my urban bits, photos and local history. Thanks foir getting me hooked !

Sorry to see Curtis and WW go.


One Man Committee said...

I have also enjoyed Endless Spin's insight and analysis, and also its impressive longevity.

From my own brief experience blogging, I now know that there is a pretty significant effort involved - and my blog is mostly idle chitchat unlike the research or analysis-intensive blogs like this one, The View From Seven, Endless Spin Cycle and some others. I can certainly understand why bloggers might want to move on to other things after a while.

In any event, Endless Spin and David Watson's blogs will be missed!

cherenkov said...

I suspect David Watson will be back, but I don't really know. We do have someone new though:

An eventful week for sure, in winnipeg blog terms.