Thursday, 25 November 2010

Do you think Subway, or Mr. Sub, will bite ?

Earlier this week, Montreal's Société de transport de Montréal announced that it is seeking corporate sponsors for its four subway lines. They won't be selling the 'naming rights' to the lines, affectionately known as Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange. Actually, after reading this Globe and Mail article about it, it's kind of hard to tell what exactly they want to sell.
They're not the first to float the idea. Philadelphia unveiled At&T Station in the summer. Earlier this month, Chicago's Transit Authority called for bids to the naming rights for their L Train lines, stations and even bus routes. Given the dire economic conditions in many U.S. cities which are leading to massive scale-backs in service,you'll see more cities going for the idea.

Winnipeg, of course, officially unveiled Sponsor Winnipeg in 2007. Everything from Zambonis to reading rooms (though not transit lines) were put up for grabs. By October 2009 things were looking a bit dismal.

How are things now ? Well, checking with the program's website doesn't reveal any clues as, oddly, it does not list anyone who has stepped up ?! Maybe it's supposed to be like a Secret Santa sponsorship.

From The Googles I've found a few examples: BFI for $1million; Brematson and Associates for $25k; Zellers for $300k and that appears to be it.

Yes, this is the Winnipeg Rapid Transit logo !
A rumour still persists that Winnipeg may actually have some sort of rapid transit line in place before the turn of the century. I wonder if selling stops and stations will be on the agenda ?

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