Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chile: The World Watches

In an era of fractured news audiences and people tuned out to the world around them, who won't remember the day the Chilean Miners were rescued ?! Quite a remarkable night (and day ahead).

Here's the BBC Live Cam from the San Jose mine and a timeline of the disaster.

A musical tribute, Working Man. (It's the Dubliners' take, I can't find a good on-line version of the Men of the Deeps).

There are a few Canadian connections to the rescue. Companies involved include Metalogic, ATCO and, of course, the 'Plan C' group of Precision Drilling.

Closer to home, earlier this year the Manitoba Mining industry held it's 50th annual Mine Rescue Competition. Just last month two of Vale's Thompson mines had to be evacuated due to smoke.


K said...

awesome seeing them rescued but twisted they were used in advertising - like they were wearing oakley sunglasses - but... advertising everywhere is the norm now.

mrchristian said...

In the end, though, if they can milk this for enough money that they never have to work again (at least not in a mine) then that's a good thing !