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Will we reach our Millennium Development Goals ?

In 2000, member countries of the United Nations ratified a series of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the world's poorest people and countries. They are: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty; Achieve universal primary education; Promote gender equality and empower women; Reduce child mortality; Improve maternal health; Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; Ensure environmental sustainability; Develop a global partnership for development.

The target year is 2015 and this month in New York there will be a 2010 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Summit to "re-energise the global MDG effort and agree on a concrete action plan to accelerate progress".

Media Sept 24, 2010

Millennium Development Summit - Wrap Up Media Coverage
Kaiser Foundation Sept 24, 2010
Media Sept 22, 2010

Canada Harper tells UN to focus on aid results
Montreal Gazette‎ 22 Sept 2010
Prime Minister Stephen Harper adopted a schoolmasterly tone as he addressed the UN's development conference yesterday, telling world leaders the debate is off cue.

Canada UN speech: Harper skimps in aid pledges
Toronto Star Sept 22, 2010- ‎10 hours ago‎
That was clear from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's disappointing address Tuesday evening at the UN poverty conference.

Canada Harper urges action, not promises, to help world’s poor
The Globe and Mail, Sept. 21, 2010
PM pledges additional $30-million to combat AIDS, TB and malaria at UN anti-poverty summit

Millennium development goals summit day three - live updates
The Guardian Sept 22, 2010
The British deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has swept into New York for the final day of the UN MDG summit, pledging to increase spending on malaria and halve deaths from the disease in 10 of the worst affected countries.

Millennium development goals: Tracking progress on HIV/Aids
The Guardian, Sept 22, 2010
An examination of global efforts to achieve MDG6 to halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/Aids

Ban mobilizes his 'superheroes' to give added thrust to MDGs
‎UN News Centre Sept 22, 2010
Continuing his drive to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today rallied his “superheroes,”

Media Sept 21, 2010

Least developed countries at epicentre of development emergency
‎UN News Centre 21 September 2010
With just five years remaining until the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today sounded the alarm that the world’s least developed countries (LDCs) continued to be mired in poverty.

Canada Liberal women blast Stephen Harper’s ‘shell game’ on foreign aid
Globe and Mail Sept 21, 2010
Female members of the Liberal caucus urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper to lift the freeze on foreign aid – a freeze they say is hampering Canada's ability to meet its Millennium Development Goals.

Canada Harper to pledge money for AIDS, malaria, TB
CBC News Sept 21, 2010
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will use his address at the UN on Tuesday to announce a significant increase in funding to the fight against malaria, tuberculosis and HIV-AIDS in the developing world.

France and Spain push for tax to help world's poor
‎National Post Sept 21, 2010
France and Spain called for a tax on global capitalism yesterday, telling the opening day of a UN summit on development the recession has made "innovative financing" essential to help the world's poor.

Canada UN pipe dreams
National Post Sept 21, 2010
As they do every autumn, scores of prime ministers, presidents and potentates will converge on midtown.

Canada Anti-poverty summit a chance for Harper to rally countries to step up
Globe and Mail Sept 20, 2010
Despite leadership on maternal and child health, Canada also faces questions about freezing overseas aid budget

Media Sept 20:

MDGs: a list of the progress reports
The Guardian
20 September 2010
A brief look at some of the key reports on MDG progress published to coincide with the UN summit in New York

A 10 Year Checkup on Global Goals
New York Times (dot earth Blog) September 20, 2010
Ten years after the world’s nations pledged to cut deeply into the problems afflicting the world’s poor by 2015, a Millennium Development Goals Summit is being held at the United Nations today through Wednesday to assess progress.

UN millennium goals 'can be met'
BBC News 20 September 2010
The Millennium Development Goals can still be met if enough work is done, the UN secretary general has said.

FACTBOX-Progress in the UN Millennium Development Goals
Reuters Africa Sept 20 2010
Financially-strapped rich countries will call for a rethink of strategies to make sure their aid funds are not wasted when world leaders meet this week to discuss U.N. goals to tackle global poverty. The eight goals are meant to be achieved by 2015.

Media Sept 15 - 19:

TB, AIDS Opinion Pieces Abound in Anticipation of Global Fund Replenishment & MDGs
Science Speaks Blog September 17, 2010
Over the past few weeks, opinion editorials and letters to the editor calling for U.S. support of global HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis funding are cropping up in newspapers across the nation.

Hard hit Africa leads fall in new HIV infections: U.N.
Reuters Sep 17, 2010
African nations whose populations have been devastated by AIDS have made big strides in fighting HIV, with new infections down 25 percent since 2001 in some of the worst hit places, a U.N. report said on Friday.

Media Sept 7- 14:

Ahead Of MDG Summit, U.N. Secretary-General Calls For Additional Funds, Strategy For Tackling Women's And Children's Health Issues
Kaiser.edu September 14, 2010
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday announced that "nearly 140" world leaders are planning to attend next week's U.N. Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Summit in New York, where they will discuss ways to help countries reach the targets by 2015.

The greatest promise ever made – the millennium development goals
The Guardian (U.K.) September 14, 2010
Welcome to the Guardian's new website plotting the world's progress on tackling poverty, hunger, infant mortality, adaptation to climate change and economic development

MDGs - what are the lessons learnt?
Health-e.org September 13, 2010
The Lancet has published a new blueprint for international development, a week ahead of the UN’s major summit about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The unique interdisciplinary study suggests principles for goal development, including equity and sustainability, after 2015 – the target date for the MDGs. Its conclusions are based on a cross-cutting analysis of the challenges facing the implementation of the MDGs —a set of eight goals to reduce global poverty which emerged from the UN Millennium Declaration in 2000.

UN accord on Millennium Development Goals summit
AFP September 10, 2010
UNITED NATIONS — World powers have reached an accord, after weeks of tough talks, on a document to be adopted at a Millennium Development summit this month for which Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is seeking billions of dollars of new funding.

UN goals to slash poverty, hunger achievable: draft
Reuters Sep 10, 2010
A set of U.N. goals aimed at drastically reducing poverty and hunger worldwide by 2015 are achievable, despite setbacks caused by the global financial and economic crises, a draft document said.

Four million poor children dying 'of neglect'
BBC September 7, 2010

UNICEF says that children from the poorest 20% of households in the developing world are more than twice as likely to die as children from the wealthiest 20% -- and they are becoming even more vulnerable.

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