Thursday, 12 August 2010

That evil 'bike lobby' goes international ! - Updated!

Peanut points out some of the recent evil doings of that dastardly 'bike lobby' here.

Well, forget the local laneways and cycle paths of back-woods Manitoba or even big-city New York. The bike lobby has moved onto bigger things: world domination !

The Republican candidate for governor of Colorado gave an ominous warning to voters as the mayor of Denver launched something called B-Cycle, a network of rental bikes and supplementary program to promote things like showers at work for staff who may want to cycle in.

In an interview with the Denver Post candidate Maes warns that this as a step toward "converting Denver into a United Nations community" that "could could threaten our personal freedoms". For those not yet up in arms he points out that "This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed."

Maes later went on television to try to clarify his position with mixed results.

Be wary the bike lobby. Is it just a matter of time before they take over the galaxy ?!

The more things change: Cycling in Winnipeg

From City Caucus - Inside the cycling Lobbyists' Guidebook


Orange Rod said...

The less cars the better.

The View from Seven said...

The ongoing devolution of the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower into a delirious coalition of conspiracy theorists and rebels without a cause never ceases to amaze me.

They should read up on what happened to the British Labour party when they undertook a similar purge of the moderates in their party in the '80s. The result: 18 years in opposition, easily 10 years longer than necessary.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Did you know 72% of the Bilderberg conference participants rode to this year's gathering on a special dedicated bike lane built only for them?

And did you also know that the bike lane was paid for by with a portion of the Masonic treasure hidden by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin during the War of Independence?

And did you also know the United Nations and the RAND Corporation have secretly devised a plan to build a suspended bike lane that circumnavigates the equator for when global warming makes the sea level rise and floods the poor, hard-working people who were unfortunate enough to have to park their cars on the street and in underground parkades?

And did you know the only ones who will get to ride on this bike lane are UN bureaucrats, Marxist professors, left-wing journalists, soft-on-crime lawyers and judges and other enemies of common, decent folk?


Christian Cassidy said...

OMG this is worse than I thought. It really is global domination !

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

I'd like to hear any one of you comment on the fact that the city is

A) proceeding without applying a minimum standard of resident acceptance (ie the 70% petition threshold required for stop signs and speed bumps) and

B)not once directly providing a clear explanation of the plans to the mailboxes of residents of the West End, Osborne Village or Downtown.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...


I understand it's because Janice Lukes and Kevin Nixon made a pact to do so when they joined Skull and Bones

It is also rumoured that one of the organization's secret rules are that if a fellow Skull and Bones member says "rusty bike chain" in the presence of Mr. Nixon, he must immediately leave the room and build four new bike lanes on residential streets.

Just sayin'

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

Curtis feel free to contact me to come on the show and as I suggested, comment on the
"consultation" process that even Coun. Orlikow, who wouldn't say you-know-what if he had a mouthful, admits is a dismal failure.

And he likes Active Transportation.

You may think it's a big joke, but when the Ellice Cafe and other businesses and landlords feel threatened, I don't find any humour in that. They were double-crossed on a compromise agreement and the report of the meeting has disappeared and was never seen by councillors before they voted on the Sherbrook bike lane.

And they support Active Transportation too.

When the business south of Broadway that attracts the most vehicular traffic, Unicity Taxi, was not consulted about the street adjacent to them being turned into a 2 way street and predicts
"catastrophe" (ie head-on collisions), I reflect their concerns about being excluded and their right to full participation and information.

When seniors and other residents of Osborne Village ask why traffic is being diverted to go in front of elementary schools and parking spoaces on Roslyn are being removed "to make cylists safer", I echo their questioning of that logic and the tactics used to slide this past the taxpayers.

So as I said, feel free to come on the air next week and defend City Hall. Tell the people why they are wrong to be upset and worried about the effects of imposed bike lanes on their neighbourhood. You can have all the time you need to make your points.