Friday, 13 August 2010

Florence Nightingale's centenary

There are many historical figures that become such a part of 'the culture' that their accomplishments, sometimes even if they really existed or not, gets lost.

Florence Nightingale died 100 years ago today at her home in London. I know about her being a nurse and the whole 'lady of the lamp wandering the streets of London' thing but reading up on her found that she was she was quite a woman !

In her lifetime the Italian born nurse, patient advocate, (multi) war veteran and health researcher was awarded the British Order of Merit, Freedom of the City of London, German Order of the Cross of Merit, France's Secours aux Bless├ęs Militaires and the Norwegian Red Cross of Honour.

Shortly before her death she refused a Royal offer of a state funeral and burial in Westminster Abbey.

A truly remarkable woman in any era !

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Andrea Grozli said...

When I was in London in 2003, I went to the Florence Nightingale Museum, which was located next to a large hospital. Sadly I only had 1 hour to go through it, but as a nurse, I felt it was important to learn about this important woman who changed the face of nursing and health care in general. She was well educated and way ahead of her time! I also had dinner at the Florence Nightingale Pub with a nursing colleague of mine who was working in London at the time. I purchased the first book that she wrote - what a remarkable woman!

Christian Cassidy said...

That's cool. It's on my list for my next visit there !