Sunday, 27 June 2010

Footy, Irwin Barker and the Key to NYC

Some odds and ends that I didn't get to post about earlier in the week.

Sticking to the gotta love footy theme, a great story in the LA Times about the most unique football team in South Africa:

They kick like grannies, proudly (L.A. Times June 21, 2010): Frail, elderly women in South Africa started playing soccer as a joke. Now they are running and competing on the field, leaving cultural expectations in the dust.

This weekend W5 replayed the 2008 Irwin Barker doc That's My Time.

I am not a huge fan of stand-up comedy but did follow Irwin Barker a fair bit. I worked on a project with him many years ago in his previous life in Winnipeg. I remember him as a nice, funny, decent guy.

Here's a Barker excerpt from 2002 Just for Laughs.

A neat art project in New York City called Key to the City. You sign up for a key, and grant one to another person, and the key "grants extraordinary access to generally off-limits parts of a no-entry-to-unauthorized-personnel kind of city".

What a really cool idea ! Here's a related New York Times story.

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