Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Power of Twitter

Sure, I hear the buzz about Twitter but am not into it so am not really sure how popular it really is, especially the whole celebrity Twittering thing.

Imagine my surprise on Tuesday when my This Was Winnipeg blog, which averages a paltry 20 or so hits per day, suddenly jumped to nearly 600 ! Had local history suddenly become cool ?! Are post-Homecoming 2010 Manitobans clamoring to find out more about their city or town ?!


I tracked the hits back to Twitter and with the help of 'the Goolges' found that the source was
Declan Bannatyne, U.K. entrepreneur and a dragon on the U.K. version of Dragon's Den.

After presumably Googling his last name and checking out all of the posts from that day, (which, I must say, is not being smart with his time), he found my post noting the death of Andrew Bannatyne earlier this week. He simply tweeted "A relative of mine ?" and 500 or so people came to check it out.

I guess people do follow celebrity Twitterers after all. No wonder it's being tested as an advertising, promotion or 'celebrity cause' tool.

Hmmm ... I wonder if there were any famous Kutchers in Manitoba history ?!


cancelbot said...

There is a whole clan of Kutchers in the Interlake area... if you can document a link between them and Mr. Demi Moore, then your next vacation just might be paid for by twitterers! ;-)

Christian Cassidy said...

Ah, sadly I get no click cash !