Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bill Clement 1949 - 2010

The Free Press is reporting the death of Bill Clement, 61. He represented the ward of Charleswood (now Charleswood - Tuxedo) since 1983.

I worked around Clement in my days back at City Hall. He was certainly a no-nonsense kid of guy. His goal was to get the job done and really didn't care much about the 'frills' of office. At the time (I'm not sure about lately) he was the only one without a constituency assistant, choosing to field his calls himself. I recall him once scoffing at the time and expense needed for a self-serving website.

He called it as he saw it, even when dealing with community groups or constituents. At first that seemed to me an odd way to be for a politician but, as I would learn later, many of those he worked with and for appreciated and respected being dealt with frankly rather than be paid lip service.

My thoughts go out to his family.

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John Dobbin said...

It certainly is a loss to people in the community who liked him and who he was devoted to.

It is a sad day for him family who probably thought they had many years left with him in their lives.

For the city, it looks as though this might present more change than what was first indicated a few months back. Winnipeg has some of the longest serving councilors in the country. In a way, this has led to the same battles being fought over and over and some stagnation.

The lack of planning is often breathtaking whatever the good intentions were in running for office.

In many ways, you have those promoting development and those blocking it and very little thought of an overall plan to avoid the problems of either stance one way or the other.

Christian Cassidy said...

Interestingly, Clement said he was in favour of term limits but in his case he rarely had any real competition (I recall at least one election that was acclaimed). Sort of a double edged sword.