Friday, 30 April 2010

Don't Forget Jane's Walk and Great Winnipeg Achievements !

It's going to be a great weekend to be in the city with a number of Jane's Walks taking place, though somehow I manged to again be out of town for them.

Also, this weekend marks a number of historical milestones that remind us of the great, innovative and sometimes quirky place that we live ! Just some of anniversaries:

- Winnipeggers voting in favour of building the Aqueduct (1913);

- the Winnipeg Floodway saving our butts, again, as the Red crests 0.6 metres below dike levels (1997);

- BTO releasing their first album (1973);

- having the honour of being the only city where Phantom of the Paradise was a hit running for 16 months at the Garrick (1975);

- a pioneering Winnipeg Free Press being granted the first private radio broadcasting licence in Canada (1922). A claim to fame for CJCG: the first station to live-broadcast a hockey game (1923) !

For a full list and relevant links see This Was Winnipeg !

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