Thursday, 22 April 2010

'Data' Cameron for U.K. P.M. ?

Cameron (left), Data (right) - or is it the other way around ?
I saw these comparisons back in February when I was in London; people poking fun at the uncanny resemblance, and some say personality similarities, between Tory leader David Cameron and Star Trek's Data.

Since the start of the campaign, the party / Cameron made an unfortunate choice of official photo for their poster ads. Cameron danced around rumours that it was even airbrushed, intended to give him a look of youthful vigor against the rather craggy Gordon Brown, but instead made him look even more Data-esque.

That one-two punch set off a parallel campaign of poster doctoring that, after the first leaders' debate at least, has been more entertaining than the actual political campaign. A website has been set up
My David Cameron.com where challengers are asked to take the Tory ad and doctor the image or slogan as they see fit.
People are also having fun with him on the streets.

For a great look at the advertising, both lighthearted and serious, of the U.K. 2010 campaign, check out the blog Political Advertising.co.uk .

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