Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Zellers Downstairs, Downtown

As much as I dislike seeing the dismantling of The Bay downtown, I am glad that there finally been some news as to it's future. Zellers, part of the HBC family, is moving into the basement and slated to open in November.
The Bay
On the one hand, Zellers will be a welcome addition to downtown. A solid general retailer is something that is needed. Try buying a roll of electrical tape, sponge hockey puck or windshield wiper fluid in or around downtown. You might find them in three locations or none, depending on the week.
Grocery Stores Downtown
The downside could be a possible elimination of the Bay FoodMarket. Yes, a bit overpriced but, as with what Zellers will bring to general goods, if you were looking for a kiwi, big box of corn flakes or bit of steak for dinner you could at least be assured that you'd find it there.

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Emma said...

Yes! This is great news (I think). The fact that they are doing anything new with the building is promising.

The View from Seven said...

The grocery store is likely The Bay's most valuable asset in terms of sales per square foot and per employee.

Will Zellers and a smaller, less museum-like Bay store be enough to revive a dying Portage Place? We'll see, but it seems unlikely without a strong anchor tenant at the other end of the skywalk and an increase in vital weekend traffic.

Christian Cassidy said...

Good points.

I wonder how does this Bay differentiate itself form the Polo Park Bay just a 15 minute drive away ? If it's a version of the same Bay then weekend traffic will be difficult.