Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Toronto's 30 Bloggers

A couple of interesting bits from the Toronto Star.

For the run-up to the 2010 Toronto municipal election The Star is introducing a feature called Your City, My City.

In an article entitled 30 bloggers, 30 visions of the city they explain that they have chosen "
30 local luminaries and activists who will be hashing out the issues ahead of this year's municipal elections as bloggers on the Star's website.The bloggers range from students and neighbourhood leaders to urban planners and a former mayoral candidate". The one common thread: they all share a passion for Toronto.

In the article they feature one of their 30, Matthew
Blackett editor of spacing.ca. Says Blackett: "I love this city. I know how great it is. We have this tremendous template. We're just not fulfilling that potential just yet."

In related Star news, Christopher Hume's latest column Toronto's 'little' details a big deal for residents talks of the need for the civic debate to include the little things, from sidewalk clearing to the state of the libraries, rather than just a debate about debt, taxes and transit funding because "... this is the stuff that adds up to a sense of place".

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