Monday, 1 March 2010

A Tipping Dillema

Funny post in the NY Times' City Room blog over the weekend. David Sax asks the question 'Hey, Waiter! Just How Much Extra Do You Really Expect ?', grumping about the rules and expectations for tipping service personnel:

And you, my dear bartender, who cracked open a $4 beer bottle, and handed me back my change entirely in a stack of one-dollar notes. Very subtle. As though the sheer bulk of that paper would deter me from putting it back in my wallet, and, defeated, I’d simply leave it there for you like a burnt offering on your sticky altar.

The Yellow Dog Sessions !
I, too, am not a joyful tipper. It's not that I don't tip when, say, at a sit down restaurant and if the service is good but I am rarely a customer of the 'tip jar' at places where it is self serve, or might as well be.

One group I DO tip: the lowly gas jockey. Most of the time I use self serve stations but on the days that I am too lazy, or too comfy in the warmth of my car, to haul by behind out and do it myself I think they deserve a twoonie more than the guy who pops the top off a beer bottle or slaps a sandwich down in front of me.

Anyway, it's a cute post for those of you who are not fans of over tipping !

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Gerald said...

Having been a bartender for several years in my youth, I will say that if you're ordering bottle beer then not much of a tip is necessary, but if I'm poring you that perfect pint or a mixed drink - a good tip on the first order will result in a 'healthy' pour the second time!