Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gloom = Cool

Keeping with funny newspaper items, the Guardian's Oliver Burkeman asks "Is it really hip to be glum ?" and looks at the connection between gloominess and cool.

are links to some 'angry blogs' - oddly no Winnipeg ones ;-) - including
his personal favourite Unhappy Hipsters. I prefer Angry ­People In Local Newspapers, a celebration of the work of the poor local newspaper photographer who has to go around taking endless pictures of people angry over something or other.

Quite funny to poke fun at but a warning to those 'I hate this town and everything in it' crowd: instead of seeing the humour, it might backfire and make your blood boil !

Snowy London 2010
In related news, the British Association of Anger Management recently crowned London the angriest city in the U.K. with the fuming, miserable lot in the south London borough of Lambeth as the angriest of them all.

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