Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Most Miserable

What would Forbes be without it's rankings ?!

Here's one released earlier in the week: the most miserable cities in America.

Now miserable is a bit unfair. The rankings come via the 'Misery Index', a mathematical equation that mashes together everything from unemployment rates to commute times to the rate of inflation and spits out a value for each city. It's not based on how people actually feel or what it's really like to live there.

Still, for the sheer schadenfreudeness of it all, here are les misérables:

1 Cleveland, Ohio
2 Stockton, Calif.
3 Memphis, Tenn.
4 Detroit, Mich.
5 Flint, Mich
6 Miami, Fla.
7 St. Louis, Mo.
8 Buffalo, NY
9 Canton, Ohio
10 Chicago, Ill.
11 Modesto, Calif.
12 Akron, Ohio
13 Kansas City, Mo.
14 Rockford, Ill.
15 Toledo, Ohio
16 New York, NY
17 Sacramento, Calif.
18 Youngstown, Ohio
19 Gary, Ind.
20 Philadelphia. Pa.

America's 20 Most Miserbable Cities
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