Thursday, 11 February 2010

Healthy Pork, Sick Consumers

This week Winnipeg's National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID) is hosting an international consultation to discuss the fight against 'superbugs', antibiotic resistant infections, such as C. difficile, MRSA and the like. They have become an increasing problem over the past decade, killing people and costing hospitals millions of dollars to try to contain.

Something that will be examined is the link between antibiotics in our food chain and the increase in these bugs.

This week, CBS News has been running a series on this very topic.
This is the video story that kicked off the series:

Animal Antibiotics a Threat?
CBS Evening News February 9, 2010
Public health officials are worried that the widespread use of antibiotics on healthy animals may be putting people at risk.

They have expanded coverage on their website; these are written stories with embedded videos and links:

Denmark's Case for Antibiotic-Free Animals

Animal Antibiotic Overuse Hurting Humans?

Today, Pork Magazine took issue with some of what was presented:

Key Facts Disagree with CBS Evening News

A super-lab to fight superbugs - Winnipeg Free Press

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