Thursday, 4 February 2010

Even When I'm Hip, I'm Old

There was a time when blogging was fairly hip and alternative. Now it seems like it's becoming an old person's thing !

Geez, in a couple of years I could look like some ancient oddball, reminiscent of childhood friends' parents who were oh so square because they still, proudly, listened to 8 tracks.

Maybe I should get started with growing that comb over - I hear that it takes years to get the perfect length ! Where is CJOB on the radio dial again ?!

U.S. teens lose interest in blogging: study
Reuters Feb 4, 2010
Blogging by teenagers and young adults has dropped by half over the past three years as they turn instead to texting and social networking sites such as Facebook, a new study shows.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a good thing. It'll mature, like fine wine.

cherenkov said...

The pretenders have been weeded out.

Twitter will never displace blogs, but something else might come along. As for Facebook, I think it may have peaked and be on it's way down. Too many security concerns, plus the fact that my great uncle is now on FB does not bode well for it's future.

mrchristian said...

Not to mention too commercial. I spend more time dumping inane event and dumb game invitations than anything else on Facebook.