Monday, 18 January 2010

W.C. Streets / W.E. Dumplings Tag Team: Part One !

Part 1: Intro

Map of area c.1910 source

On a couple of occasions in 2009 I was invited by the guest editor of West Central Streets to do a little historical digging. The community newspaper is not available online but you can read a bit about it here (scroll down). Streets is written by the residents of West Central Winnipeg for residents of West Central Winnipeg and each month they take an in-depth look at a different street.

Simcoe Street Walk
The focus of the Oct / Nov edition was Simcoe Street. I will post some of the background research and snippets that did not fit into the article in Part 2, tomorrow.

Home Street
Toward the end of January the Jan / Feb edition of Streets will take a look at Home Street. To accompany that edition I will post a companion piece with some of the photos and stories that didn't make the final article. That will be Part 3.

You know where to find Dumplings, as for West Central Streets it can be found in many community offices and convenience stores in the West Central area as well as the front entrance to U of W's Centennial Hall.

Coming Soon:
Part 2: Snippets of Simcoe Street
Part 3: At Home on Home

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