Saturday, 30 January 2010

It's Nice To Be Home

Back home after nearly three weeks in Dublin and London. I love travelling and love coming home as well. After past trips I've usually posted pics and thoughts about my travels and made comparisons between where I've been and what I see at home. I'll do the same this time over the next few days.I must say that coming back to wide open streets, room to move and yes, even that 'dry cold', was rather nice. After nearly three weeks of pissing rain, blowing winds and slurpee-like snow, the morning after my return I donned my down parka, moon-boots and walked to work !

The trip, of course, was not for the weather. It was about family and friends and quite action-packed so no complaints at all. I got to experience both countries coping with cold and snow not seen in a lifetime which provided me with some unique sites and left me for with no, or intermittent, running water.

Ireland's old cast iron watermains, buried barely below the surface, were no match for the freezing temps. The apartment I was in was atop a hill and there were seven ruptures in the pipe that had to be found and repaired during the time I was there.

The best site in Ireland had to be Guinness dispatching it's fleet of water tankers to the worst affected areas.

Unfortunately, the area I was in had unmarked tankers and the fire brigade making deliveries. Damn, I'd love to have had a shot of me standing at the arse end of a Guinness tanker with a 20 litre pail !

In London I got these shots the morning after I arrived making me think 'did I really leave Winnipeg or was my plane ride just a dream' ?!
Great times. But it is nice to be home !

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