Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ireland's Drought

What a week !

I have been in a snowstorm in London (pics later) and completely waterless for days just outside central Dublin ! An interesting winter getaway.

In Ireland the water issue is a combination of freezing temps, minus 12 at some points, and an ancient (and argued by some, neglected) infrastructure.

The cold has caused many cast iron watermains to burst. Schools are closed, businesses shut down and some are estimating the cost to the economy to be in the hundreds of millions of euro. Many are scratching their heads as to why a tiny island that sees an incredible amount of rain is setting up emergency water collection stations around the country.

A couple of good stories on what's been up recently in Eire: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/8461372.stm

Funniest good news story is that brewing giant Guinness has dispatched it's fleet of water trucks around the Dublin area to assist in delivering fresh water to stranded residents ! For more.


The View from Seven said...

I have a fondness for Dublin and Ireland as the kind of place that you like more and more with every passing day. (That's a good thing. Some places have the opposite effect.)

Is that nice elderly gentleman still giving away free Virgin Mary medallions in the area of the Ha'penny Bridge? Good on him if he still is!

cherenkov said...

"some are estimating the cost to the economy to be in the hundreds of euro per day." -- I believe you mean hundreds of millions?

I hope you're enjoying your vacation, despite the troubles.

mrchristian said...

@ cherenkov - thanks, yes, it is hundreds.

@ 7 - oh...I crossed the Ha'penny today and didn't see any medillions. I will keep an eye out tomorrow !