Friday, 8 January 2010

Dumplings in the Warming Tray

Since the hols I've been clearing out odds and ends of draft posts left over from 2009 (there's still one more that will auto-post later in the month). Dumplings is going to take a breather for at least the remainder of January.

It's partly to get cracking on some side projects and real life things that I have been letting slip / pile up over the year.

I'd also like to give more thought about pulling together my history posts, which are scattered over three blogs, into one place if I can. It likely won't come to anything as I actually like the ease of using these blogs, but perhaps a few weeks away will allow me to revisit them with a fresh eyes and figure out what I want to do, which ones I want to continue posting to etc.

I'm even gonna squeeze in a bit of travel !

Good news is that the daily postings at
This Was Winnipeg are already 'locked and loaded' for the remainder of January so you can keep an eye to it for any local history cravings that you might get.

See you in February sometime !



Shaun M. Wheeler said...

Have a good trip, Mr. C!

Fat Arse said...

Mr. Christian,

If any Wpg blogger deserves time off from the blogsphere it is most certainly you. Your prolific output puts most of the rest of us to shame. Have a good break. Look forward to return of WED in Feb.