Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Winnipeg Research Hub Growing

Last week I posted about northern research in Manitoba. Recently there has been some good news on the life sciences front as well.

I am lucky that in my day job that, despite not being a science guy, I get to work with Winnipeg's life sciences industry.

In the past month Winnipeg has received a delegation from Kenya. The U of M has had a long working relationship with the University of Nairobi through their joint clinic / lab/ research centre at the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. For more on this relationship check out Partners in a Pandemic or How the U of M Revolutionized HIV Care in Manitoba.

Also, there was the The International Symposium on Natural Immunity to HIV that brought together researchers from around the world.

This week, more good news for research in Manitoba.

The Gates Foundation
announced an $8.4m US grant to the U of M's new Centre for Global Public Health to promote maternal, neonatal and child health interventions in disadvantaged populations in rural India.

To promote the next generation of young scientists, tomorrow is the grand opening of the Winnipeg Inner-City Science Centre (ICSC) at Niji Mahkwa School on Flora Ave. The project is a partnership between of U of M, Winnipeg Foundation and School Division #1.

What's to come ?

Next week will see construction start on the expansion to the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health (CSCHAH), more affectionately known as "The Lab", on Arlington. It's a three-story 23,500 sq. ft. addition to the support areas of the facility, (not: not level 3 or 4 labs). Completion: Spring 2011.

A decision still has to be made on the location of an $88m HIV vaccine production plant that the Government of Canada, in partnership with the Gates Foundation and others, will build. Winnipeg has submitted a bid for that plant.

A spin-off from this growing field ? Attracting new people to Winnipeg. Just last weekend I took a couple of transplanted Ontarians for a a Christmas tour of Winnipeg. Young, smart professionals coming to the 'Peg for the opportunities that it offers and the chance to do it a less hectic market.

Hopefully 2010 will see the growth continue.


- Life Sciences Ass'n of Manitoba News Page
- Stats on Manitoba's Life Sciences Cluster

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